All that: use it all to find the one


Cause it’s never
One thing


we do?

Creative strategy

creative concepts, recruitment and employer brand strategy

content writing

copywriting and content creation, branded content for media

events & culture

team buildings, internal events, interviews and trainings

design & production

art direction, photography and video creation

We are selling Visions & careers

See how we
Did it for them...

Fox laser Ltd.

Bulgarian company that produces for the global market using local talent. they had a strong brand and a vague idea about how to represent itself to the broad audience.

also, they needed people.

Jaro lemonades & coffee

It all started with „let’s change the logo a bit“ and than went into full-blown redesign and a whole new identity. After the success of the first spot, JARO today is a coffee chain with stores around Bulgaria. And growing.


Crafting the identity of the restaurants in the 5 stars hotel OKOL was a challenge and a privilege. Every restaurant (they had a few) needed its own character. The logo had to combine the look and feel of the establishment and also the location.

We are
not selling Jobs,
we are selling
Careers & dreams.

When people buy an advertised product, they pay with their money. When people start looking for a company, they pay with their time.

Using the tools for product marketing, mixing it up HR techniques and principals, we make the ads that make people apply. We are forever curious about people and want to help them meet their best-matching companies.

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We are always looking for new elements of the puzzle. People who would fit perfectly into our ever-changing environment.

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